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About Us


Kelley Riley DVM                  

Marina Pet Hospital was started by Dr. John Hart DVM in 1968 to serve animals and their families in and near Marina. In 1996 Dr. Hart hired Dr. Kelley Riley DVM to be the veterinarian for the hospital. She is a graduate of the University of California Davis school of veterinary medicine and has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Monterey area since 1989. Before attending veterinary school, Dr. Riley worked as a veterinary assistant  at several Pet hospitals in the Monterey area.  Dr Riley lived her entire youth in Carmel. Her only time away from the area was during her undergraduate studies in biology at U.C. Santa Barbara and veterinary studies in Davis. 

In 2009 Dr. Riley bought Marina Pet Hospital. The hospital has grown since then from a practice with a single veterinarian to a group practice that now has four veterinarians on the staff. The support staff of veterinary assistants and registered veterinary technicians also have considerable experience at their tasks and have been with Marina Pet for an average of 6 years each.

What this will provide for you and your pet is the knowledge and experience needed to diagnose and treat any problems your pet may be having as well as giving the ongoing care that every pet needs to remain healthy.

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